Reporting for duty

Check out some of our annual reports,
brochures and catalogues. We can ensure
you're perceived the way you want to be.


Brand new

Whether you need a new brand, re-brand or just a brand refresh we can guide you through the process.


Brand new

We brand, rebrand and refresh existing brands. We ensure businesses are being perceived they want to by their clients. We believe brands have to evolve nowadays, and a brand is never just a logo!

Fine print

Print is a specialism of ours whether it’s a business card, brochure or exhibition banner you’re in safe hands. Our experience means we can find clever ways to make your print budget go further without compromising on quality.

Make a name for yourself

Making sure your business has the right name can be one of the best way to draw attention to your brand. It’s the most important part of your marketing and is the first thing people see or say.

Team building

Being a syndicate we can put together the right team for your project allowing us to be more adaptable and more specialised at the same time, something other studios can’t offer.

What’s the big idea

Others have light bulb moments, we have lightening bolt moments. They’re bigger, more impressive get to the point faster, they’re even environmentally friendly. We create design that has thought behind it and isn’t just pretty to look at for a while.

Cut out the middle men

Our clients work directly with the people that are hands-on with their creative work, this way there is no Chinese whispers. This is the best and most efficient way to work, saving the clients having to pay for middle men.

Provoke a reaction and stop blending in with the rest of the crowd.

Golf AKS

Age UK Review

Age UK Annual Report

Cancer Research UK & Macmillan

Darrel is a rare thing amongst Creative Directors – he is very talented, fast, efficient, has a fantastic can do attitude but also can think really conceptually – creating an overall concept that works holistically, equally balanced between words and images.

Sam LearmonthGlobal Art Director – MediaCom

Darrel produced a great choice of presentations for me which reflected my personality and passion for my company and above all gave me the confidence to use the branding as a selling/marketing tool that perfectly captured Wild Seasoning's ethos. The branding has been used throughout the business and has transferred exceptionally well to various mediums. I look forward to developing the brand further with Darrel in the future. The best investment in my business to date!

Freddie SouthwellFounder of Wild Seasoning